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classic flavors


classic apple (w/ lattice top crust)

caramel apple crumb


chocolate pecan


coconut custard

mixed berry (w/ lattice top crust)

cherry (w/ lattice top crust)

blueberry (w/ lattice top crust)

strawberry rhubarb (w/ lattice top crust)

lemon meringue

coconut cream

chocolate cream

cup -o- dirt 

banana cream (w/ graham crust)

chocolate banana cream (w/ chocolate graham crust)

key lime (w/ graham crust)

sizing & pricing

individual pies (minimum order of 1 dozen) - $25- $30

large pie (10") - $25-$30

price of pies will range between $25- $30. price will depend on type of crust/ filling, cream based pies will cost more than some fruit pies. fruit pie prices will also depend on type of fruit/ season. final price will be given when order is placed.

* 3 days notice is preferred for all pie orders!

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